Innovation Moving Healthcare Forward

Mercury Global Care is leading the transition from reactive care to proactive care with our forward-thinking technology coupled with world class clinical services.

Innovative Technology

Industry leading tools helping your practice do more in less time and with less staff burden.

Proactive Care

Healthier patients through CMS sponsored Care Programs like AWV, CCM, TCM and more.


Revenue Growth

Increased practice revenues offering value-based services to existing patients and beyond.

Staying in front of the evolving healthcare landscape.

As Healthcare continues to experience transformative shifts, MGC is your valued partner committed to keeping you ahead of the curve. MGC’s innovative technology maximizes the providers’ ability to deliver the best care, utilize efficient work flows, and increase practice revenues. Our EHR-agnostic platform boasts true interoperability so you can share information, stay current on regulation changes, and do it all without adding any new infrastructure.

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