Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

Missed Opportunities

Medicare covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) for beneficiaries who have not received an Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) or AWV within the past 12 months. When so many Medicare patients fall outside this 12 months, physicians and patients miss out on important one-on-one care, and the practice ends up passing on new and steady revenue streams.

These missed opportunities are hiding within your EHR system. Mercury Global Care will identify these patients and help you schedule their AWVs to provide these important care opportunities and facilitate better health and overall savings by avoiding costly hospital visits. AWVs also capture new revenue for the practice and add to the bottom line.

AWV will initiate the discussion and first steps to a Chronic Care Management program resulting in additional care and revenue opportunities for the practice. The MGC AWV program has been created for simple use yet provides a very detailed reporting that can be shared across all EHRs and to any health care professional.

Our Custom Solutions

The Annual Wellness Visit is the critical first step in CMS’s proactive care initiatives. The AWV allows practices to gain information about the patient, including medical and family history, health risks, and specific vitals. It is here that patients receive additional attention and a personalized care plan to help them maintain their highest quality of healthy living. The AWV is a once per year visit and is different from preventative check-ups. AWV will provide additional opportunities for physicians to improve health delivery, increase patient engagement, and optimize payment opportunities.

Most practices are barely capitalizing on the great opportunity provided in these ‘new’ services, yet if done properly, AWV will generate enough revenue to pay for additional clinical staff who can then increase programs like care coordination and care management. Whatever situation is right for your practice, MGC has a custom solution to help you and your office reach your AWV goals!

MGC has created a program to help you bill for both codes used to report AWV services; G0438 for the initial visit and G0439 for subsequent visits. While our program is thorough and developed to meet and exceed all CMS requirements, it can be easily added to your practice with minimal impact on existing staff and operations.

Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you maximize this incredible program. Mercury Global Care will provide a free practice data analysis to identify the size of your AWV/CCM opportunity…an opportunity that is currently undetected inside your EHR. You will be surprised what we find for you…

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