Making Care Management simple and profitable for your practice.

Mercury Global Care offers innovative technology and clinical services that provide the most simple and profitable solutions to CMS-sponsored programs like Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Transitional Care Management and more. Our custom Care Management solutions will grow your patient base and practice revenues without additional burden to current staff and technical infrastructure.

Our Company

Mercury Global Care is committed to leading the transition from reactive care to proactive care with forward-thinking technology solutions coupled with world class clinical services. Our Care Management solutions deliver dramatic results through our three-pronged approach; partner with care providers on preventative and value-based care delivery to improve patient experience, support CMS Care Management initiatives to curb healthcare costs, and streamline care delivery to improve provider efficiencies and revenues. Our solutions are EHR-agnostic and the most effective way to obtain interoperability today. We are creating a true patient-centered collaborative care model that benefits patients, their care providers, and the entire healthcare system.

Improve Patient Experience

Personalized Care Management services to better serve patients in between visits and outside of the office setting.

Care Management Programs

End to end Care Management solutions for Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Transitional Care Management and more.

Provider Efficiencies and Revenues

Custom platform to increase volume and efficiency of patient workflow & staff efficiency resulting in improved patient outcomes and a boost to practice revenues.

Our Team

Eric Quigley


Over the past 25 years, Eric has developed technology solutions for the healthcare industry ranging from EHR/EMR systems, revenue cycle management, to medical staffing. With his vast experience and keen ability for improving program efficiencies and provider revenues, his talents have earned the confidence of some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems as well as myriad individual providers. Mercury Global Care is fortunate to have Eric on board to develop and deliver our innovative solutions to a diverse group of healthcare providers and facilities.

Don Nicol


Don is a natural entrepreneur with a strong background in data systems and technology solutions. He is definitely a ‘big picture’ guy with a unique able to focus on the ‘critical details’ that make positive changes happen. He has grown companies rapidly and organically with a client-focused attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of custom solutions that has earned him a fiercely loyal customer base. Client partners of Mercury Global Care will benefit from Don’s ‘Find a better way’ mentality currently aimed at the healthcare industry.

Chris Dayton


With more than a decade in the healthcare industry, Chris is a passionate consultant on a quest for solutions that benefit both the provider and the patient. Having worked with top brokerages and medical software companies, he broadened his perspective and strengthened his innate ability to focus on the real cost drivers to affect dramatic and positive change. Mercury Global Care will look to Chris to deliver custom solutions to a healthcare industry that is desperate for new and innovative ways to enhance the provider-patient experience.

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